Our Prioritize elderly and disabled adults for the delivery of markets in Valledupar

In order to bring aid to the most vulnerable families in Valledupar to mitigate the difficulties presented by Covid-19, the Mayor’s Office has as a priority to deliver markets to the elderly population and people with disabilities.

This is why the Municipal Administration conducts a day of inspection and verification in the homes where these deliveries are given, to identify not only the needs, but also the vulnerable population found in each family; managing to impact the aforementioned populations.

It should be noted that thanks to the support of the National Army, the different days that have been held during the last three days have allowed them to be carried out in order and taking into account the prevention measures against the Coronavirus; leading by example and motivating the community to comply with them.

This time the activity was carried out in the Esperanza Oriente, Nueva Colombia, 11 de Noviembre and Pescaito sectors, with a total of 472 markets that approximate the 2 thousand families that today have this benefit.

Likewise, many of these grants are collected through the Municipal Administration’s alliance with the Supermarkets of Éxito, Mi Futuro, Olímpica, Makro, Metro and Jumbo, which set up a point to collect food from people who wish to donate.

Companies such as Coca Cola, Provisiones Caliche, Servipan, Rico Pan, Subway, and Klaren’s have also joined.

The invitation to the community is to continue joining this solidarity work through the donation of non-perishable food and hygiene kits, which will allow the number of people to be impacted with these aid to be much greater.

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