Our “We are + Together” to mitigate covid-19

It is an initiative of the Cesar Development and Peace Program that seeks a public-private alliance to face covid-19 in Cesar, La Guajira and El Magdalena.

To mitigate the impacts generated by covid-19, the Cesar Development and Peace Program, PDPC, launched the “We are + Together” campaign for our territory in times of crisis, which is supported by allied organizations in coordination with entities of the state, private sector and international cooperation.

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“Colombia is facing the social, economic, health, educational and security impacts that the preventive and mandatory isolation caused by the new coronavirus has generated. The departments of Cesar, Guajira and Magdalena have not been immune to this situation, therefore, facing the impacts will be a challenge and a process that requires collective and supportive efforts ”, expressed Amaury Padilla Cabarcas, director of the PDPC.https: // c0ec05e65dfbda6d6d3ef9fe97aa69c4.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

The campaign seeks to know the state of the communities that the PDPC accompanies, to connect with different territorial actors who want to help and the initial delivery of 110 agroecological garden kits within the framework of solidarity support and to cultivate capacities with the accompaniment and psychosocial online training, family, peasant and community agriculture; as well as managing finances in times of crisis.

The final purpose is to contribute to mitigating the impacts generated by covid-19 through training, communication and solidarity support processes from the articulation and coordination of efforts with the different state entities, the private sector and international cooperation.

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Today “Somos + Juntos” has 74 million pesos for the first donations received, with which solidarity support will be carried out through the delivery of agroecological garden kits to the communities that accompany the Cesar Development and Peace Program.


Currently a web page has been enabled: somosmasjuntos.wixsite.com/website where all the information is found and in turn the forms that can be filled out by people, companies and civil organizations that provide help, as well as potential volunteers and donors to sign up. The following current account has also been set up for donations: N ° 2100 329 6674 of Banco Caja Social and the email address Somosmasjuntospdpc@gmail.com.


Currently the companies that have joined this campaign are: the newspaper EL PILÓN, the National University of Colombia, La Paz headquarters; Carboandes Foundation, Valledupar Chamber of Commerce, University of Santander, Andean Area University Foundation, Servipan, Grupo Prodeco, Isa Intercolombia, Diocese of Valledupar, Pastoral Social de Valledupar, E3 Ecology, Economy and Ethics, Entropy Network of Solutions, Red Antorchas , Malteser International and Redprodepaz.

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“We work together with allies and we hope that others will join in with their contributions, not from humiliating charity, but from horizontal solidarity that exalts us and respects all of us, from there we will continue to strengthen the capacities of the communities to make possible the dear life in these territories of Cesar, La Guajira and Magdalena ”, stated Padilla Cabarcas.

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